Cyra Sadowl

Education Director, Airway Science for Kids, Inc

Until moving to Oregon in December 2018, I spent most of my life in the southwest, where skies are sunny, there’s almost always a plane overhead, and the plants can be as dangerous as the animals. I grew up in Yuma, Arizona without much direction for my own future. I watched (and heard) military pilots train at the Marine Base. It’s there I first became fascinated with flight. I took my first flying lesson and was instantly in love. That’s as far as I got though, when faced with the decision to either pay for lessons or go to college.

I graduated with a teaching degree and began my 32 year adventure in elementary and  middle school education. I’ve had the privilege of working with some extraordinary teachers and students in New York City, Southern California, and Arizona. What I loved most was helping each student discover their talents and interests and develop their voice and confidence.

My own education and career pathway was a bit haphazard, and I pretty much fell into teaching without even knowing other options. I’m fortunate I ended up in a career I genuinely love. Too many youth are restricted in their opportunities. Generational and systemic discrimination, lack of information and support, poor systems of access and equity prevent youth from finding avenues to meaningful education and job opportunities. Airway Science for Kids is dedicated to connecting each young person to their personal pathway through STEAM engagement and exploration of aviation and aerospace.