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    You are eligible for our TAKEFLIGHT Program.

    In this elementary school program, students use hands-on activities to learn about our six badge topics.

    Students at our partner sites in Portland receive a Badge in a Box that holds all the supplies they need to complete each badge, along with the handouts they follow and access to online instructors to guide them through activities. To see if you qualify for the program, please email us at ask@airwayscience.org.

    Everyone can participate virtually! Follow this link (coming soon) to the Badge in a Box page and you’ll find supply lists, pdfs of handouts (and an instructor guide for advanced learning) and the videos of our instructors guiding you through each badge. When students complete badges they receive access to additional programs so they can continue to Explore Aerospace.

    You are eligible for our INFLIGHT Program.

    In this middle school program, we use Kerbal Space Program, simulators and other build projects to Explore Aerospace.

    This program is currently available at our building in Portland we learn about aviation through hands-on explorations and experience flight with X Plane Flight Simulators.

    Launch your curiosity about space missions with Kerbal Space Program, where you’ll learn about the principles of space travel and experiment with building your own mission and craft. Or try your hand at Robotics in the VEX IQ Challenge, teams of students design and build a robot to participate in a wide variety of live and virtual game-based engineering challenges. Interested in Electric Aircraft? Then the EPIC Challenge is for you! In the Electric Propulsion Innovation Challenge (EPIC), a team of middle school students design, build and fly an aircraft that will successfully carry out a specific task.

    Follow this link for further information on joining.

    You are eligible for our ACCESS Program.

    This program designed to reconnect young people with education, training, and support services. Our goal is to assist students in completing their high school studies while helping them explore Aerospace Industry career pathways and post-secondary options.

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