Executive Director

Dear supporters,

2020 has already started off to a good start for Airway Science for Kids, Inc., The Ask board is excited to announce that we have hired aviation expert and educator Julia Cannell as our next Executive Director. Julia will serve as our second Executive Director since our founding in 1992 by African American leader Bob Strickland.

Julia Cannell, ASK Executive Director

As Executive Director, Cannell will lead ASK to the next level of education programming to serve more youth throughout the Portland region. Prior to ASK, she served as development director for the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, and as Public Engagement Manager for The Museum of Flight in Seattle.   

We’re excited to have such a passionate educator and leader to serve our community Julia has seen firsthand how aviation and STEAM programs can change lives, and she’s ready to help our young people remove barriers and find opportunities in aviation and other STEAM related fields.  

Aviation can change lives

Cannell grew up seeing how aviation transformed her father’s life out of poverty and into a 30-year career he loved. It also transformed her from being a shy, awkward teenager to a confident pilot and the belief that she could take on any of life’s challenges.   In a recent blog post she said, “Aerospace is an industry unlike any other, built on dreams and ambitions of men who were willing to take chances to prove the merits of flying. Our history is built on the actions of far more men than women, and few people of color in either gender. At ASK, my goal is to increase the number students of color that have access to college and career opportunities in the aerospace industry and show that aviation can change lives.”

Please help me welcome our new Pilot!


Johnell Bell
Board President