Airway Science for Kids/TeenFlight has had a great impact on my life and future plans in many ways.  When I first joined the program in 8th grade, I knew I was interested in aviation, but I did not know its role in my future.  After I completed the program as a student, I became a youth mentor in order to continue to learn about the fascinating process of building an airplane as well as to give back and mentor the students in the same way that others had mentored me.  After four years in the program, I was convinced that aviation needed to be a part of my life.  Due to my involvement with the program, I had the opportunity to apply for generous scholarships which helped me complete my dream of becoming a private pilot.  After experiencing both the building aspect and flying side of aviation, I decided to major in mechanical engineering and minor in aerospace engineering at the University of Arizona.  I am also a project lead in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) chapter at U of A where I continue to apply the skills I learned at TeenFlight.  The TeenFlight program not only equipped me with knowledge of how aircraft work, but also with valuable hands-on skills, communication skills, and the ability to lead a small group throughout a project, from start to finish.  In the future, I hope to learn more about the aviation/engineering industry and carry my skills into the workplace at an aerospace-related company.  Thank you to all of the mentors in TeenFlight who helped me reach the path I am on now.  I can’t emphasize enough how great the ASK/TeenFlight program is.  

Davis Payton     

TeenFlight 3 Student, TeenFlight 4 & 5 Jr. Mentor