Hi I’m Bailey, from TeenFlight 4!
I started the build in high school around my junior year. Finishing the build came close to my graduation and it answered many questions on where and what I wanted to do after. After my graduation, the team flew over to Oshkosh! Oshkosh really exposed me to the world of aviation, and how many directions you can go within it.
When I returned back to town I got to show pictures and tell everyone about the amazing experience and how much I had accomplished at a young age with aviation. A family friend heard about my accomplishments and told me about the aviation maintenance program at PCC rock creek. The best part about this is that its a public college so prices were
The aviation maintenance program at PCC is a 2-year program and coming out of it, I would graduate college with my associate degree and my A&P license. Here I am now, standing to date graduated from college and taking my airframe oral and practical exam on Aug. 5th, then soon my power plant in October. Each exam is a 15-hour test and involved rigorous testing. Soon enough this year I will be holding both my certificates and can go absolutely any direction I desire.
What do I plan to do with my certificates? I plan to work at a company I can feel comfortable with and stay for a long time to establish a comfortable and sustainable living doing what I love. I am fortunate to say that being a mechanic
and doing the hard work doesn’t feel so much as work to me, but something i genuinely enjoy doing.
I also wish to take training courses in the business aviation direction, learning the jet fleets and maintaining the customer based side for a while as well. Starting out in experimental aviation steered me away from commercial. I have interviewed with Horizon and they have my name on the call back in October, but will keep the door open as I continue
on with what I wish to do.
In the industry, I have worked at Hillsboro Aviation private FBO at Hillsboro Airport doing line service, which I had an absolute blast with. Took some time off there to focus on school because working late nights as a full-time college student with the standards I was held too was hard enough. Later on, I went and worked at Pacific Coast Avionics, which I
also loved and inspired me to be a better electrical troubleshooter/installer. The electrical side is what I am mainly taking on as my knowledge towards the benefit of aviation. Also with that in mind, I want to be a valuable asset to the company and be expendable and gain experience in other areas that I feel weak in.
I plan to work at Columbia Helicopters once I get my certifications for the reasons of being expendable and being solid in a good company. It is easy to work in many of their various shops and work your way up. Anything from engines to electrical. I’ll hold both my certifications by fall of this year and I am excited to see where the road takes me!
Best regards,
Bailey Heinle‐Francis