3710 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227

ASK is also expanding its reach by purchasing the Albina Youth Opportunity School (AYOS) building in NE Portland to create more opportunities through aviation STEAM education, including allowing students to build full-scale airplanes on site. The building owner, NW Health Foundation, choose to sell the building to ASK to ensure it would remain a community asset rather than have it be demolished and redeveloped for non-educational uses. This spring, ASK will launch a capital campaign effort to cover the cost of the building’s purchase and redevelop the site into a state-of-the art Center for STEAM, CTE and learning.   NW Health Foundation continues to support our community, allowing this building to become a magnet of opportunity for low income, kids of color and girls by offering STEAM programming in the heart of what was once the African American community, our vision is to forge relationships with aviation and technology companies, and the construction trades to create real world learning opportunities for our young people.