Airway Science is launching ACCESS- a program designed to reconnect young people (ages 14 – 21) with education, training, and support services. Our goal is to assist students in completing their high school studies while helping them explore Aerospace Industry career pathways and post-secondary options.

Our Explore Aerospace series introduces students to six topics: introduction to flight, powerplants, commercial space, solar system, robotics, and drones. Students will spend 10 hours learning about each topic virtually with Kerbal Space Program, an immersive educational video game encompassing aerospace technology, and onsite in NE Portland where participants can fly simulators, build drones, rebuild an aircraft engine, and more.

ASK programs provide informal Career & Technical Education (CTE) through our applied engineering curriculum that includes developing skills that are universally applicable across multiple trades, such as learning to read plans, riveting, measuring, fitting, electrical systems, engine systems, etc. Our structure is intended to prepare the whole student for a career, focusing on soft skills that are necessary for most careers regardless of industry. In addition, our locations and business partners integrate into our program the opportunity for on-the-job exposure to all aspects of the Aerospace Industry. Our program introduces students to a wide range of skills and competencies both specific to the industry and generalized for success in any field, equipping them for continued education toward a well-paying, self-sustaining career.


Airway Science for Kids would like you to be aware of a variety of scholarships available to young people interested in aviation. Scholarships are available from a number of organizations including our own scholarship for TeenFlight™ students who graduate from a build, and then come back as a volunteer student mentor.

Airway Science for Kids Inc. offers students who complete the TeenFlight™ program with assistance in flight training, useful toward gaining a pilot license. Those wishing to consider entering the program should contact us directly at

Each year EAA Chapter 105 awards a number of youth flight training scholarships, which are intended to assist young people in the Oregon/Southwest Washington area in their pursuit of learning to fly and advancing their aviation skills.

EAA has a variety of scholarships for flight training, summer camps and post-high school education. See

AOPA has a variety of flight traing scholarships. More information can be found at

Oregon State University College of Engineering offers a variety of resources and additional support through the Center for Diversity and Inclusion

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