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Homeschool Days

Homeschool Fridays will return in the fall! Sign up for our mailing list here for updates

Airway Science for Kids offers aviation and STEAM-focused field trips as well as Homeschool Days.

Join Airway Science for a monthly half-day program series that delves into engaging STEAM topics. Each month, instructors facilitate students’ exploration of topics through lessons and hands-on activities. Taking place at our Aerospace Training Center (ATC) in Portland and the Education Center on Pearson Field (PFEC) in Vancouver. Homeschool Days are designed to encourage curiosity and spark conversations long after students head home.

Grades: 5th-12th or ages 11-18

Previous topics:

Astrobiology – Could humans really live on Mars? Why is Venus so similar but so different from Earth? Join Airway Science in March to investigate these questions and learn more about the geology and the environments of our closest planetary neighbors.

The Space Race – Sputnik launched into orbit on October 4, 1957, and changed human history forever! Two global superpowers became locked in an epic race to the Moon. Join Airway Science in April as we try to determine who actually won the space race and how that still shapes space exploration today.

Weird Science – Explore the weird and wonderful world of Science with Airway Science in May. Get messy with hands-on experiments and be prepared; things are going to get weird!

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