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Taking STEAM education to new heights with drone technology!


Did you know that you can buy drones that take pictures just for fun? In our recent class with Bienestar de la Familia students got a taste of the skies as we delved into the world of drone flying. They had the opportunity to learn about how to fly drones, what they can do, possible careers as a drone pilot, and what kind of license you need to fly a drone.
(the answer is: it depends on what you want to do!)

Program Updates

Tuesday Talk

An ACCESS program

Our Tuesday Talks have officially begun! Our inaugural speaker, Rob Strickland from United Airlines, shared his journey with over 20 students, discussing his background and how he landed at United Airlines.

Check out the current speaker lineup and learn how to join the conversation at

Robert H. Strickland, Jr. is the Senior Manager of Human Factors and Pilot Development at United Airlines in Denver, CO, where he has held his position since 2014. With over two decades of experience at United, Robert’s previous roles include Boeing 777 Technical Specialist and Technical Writer. He is a 1980 graduate of the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, where he earned his Bachelor’s of Applied Science Degree, specializing in Human Factors Engineering.

Upcoming Speakers

Coming soon!

If you or someone you know work or have hobbies in Aerospace, we would love to have you talk to our students.

Not everyone is Aerospace is a pilot and we would love to showcase that to students. We’re looking for pilots, mechanics and maintenance technicians, engineers, ATC staff, drone pilots, astronauts, and just about anything else!  We’re especially interested in hearing from folks who have had a nontraditional pathway into the field and/or are from an underrepresented community to showcase the diversity in both aerospace and the journeys students can take to get there!


An hour of your time can be make all the difference in the future of one of our students.

Email or reply to this newsletter for more information on how to get involved!

We’re proud to introduce our new Student Success & Career Coaching program, designed to support you on your journey to success.

Our coaches are here to guide you through navigating school challenges, overcoming obstacles, setting achievable goals, and creating plans with accountability. Whether you’re charting a course for personal growth or seeking a destination in your future career, our one-on-one coaching provides personalized support to identify and achieve your goals. Let us be your co-pilot on this journey!


Learn more and sign up here.

Coaching is available in both English and Spanish.

Open Saturdays continue at the Education Center on Pearson Field, rain or shine! Join us each Saturday from 10am-3pm for aviation fun for the whole family. See historical aircraft, take a spin around Portland Metro using our flight simulators, design and test your own foam glider, and more!


Education Center on Pearson Field Advisory Committee


Beginning in May 2024, join us on the first Saturday of each month, starting at 8:30 AM, for a session dedicated to charting the future course of PFEC and navigating potential challenges that may come up. Over coffee and pastries, we will work together to plot the course for PFEC and we welcome your valuable insights to shape the direction of our organization.


Interested in Joining the PFEC Advisory Committee? Email


Note: These meetings are for adults interested in participating in the Advisory Committee only. Open Saturday activities will start at 10am for the general public!

Summer Camps


Summer with Airway Science is going to be a little different this year. It was a tough decision but we want to give your family the best experiences possible. We won’t be hosting our usual full summer camps, but we’re still gearing up for an awesome season filled with free activities for our community members!

Join us for a series of all-day and half-day events, open houses, and workshops happening throughout the summer in both Portland and Vancouver. We’ll also be popping up at community events across the Portland-Hillsboro-Vancouver metro area, offering activities and information on how you can Explore Aerospace with us.

Keep an eye out for more details coming soon!

ASK in the Community

A peek at some local events you can find us at

Portland Aviation Day 2024
May 11, 2024

Alaska Airlines Aviation Day at Portland International Airport on May 11th. Geared towards inspiring aviation dreams in local youth, this free event provides the opportunity for young adults to learn about various paths in the aviation industry and educational paths to a career. We encourage everyone to attend and learn more about the exciting world of aviation.


List Airway Science for Kids as your organization when you register.

Hillsboro Airshow

May 17-19, 2024

With our partners from Boeing Familia and Women in Aviation Rose City (WiAPDX) ASK will host booths for Hillsboro School District Students as part of the Hillsboro STEAM Day at the Hillsboro Airshow on May 17th.


The Hillsboro Airshow event features aviation demonstrations from the US Navy, Airforce, and more. We can’t wait to see the amazing displays and meet fellow aviation enthusiasts at this event. Tickets for the Hillsboro Airshow can be purchased here.

Vita School Fun Run

June 3, 2024


ASK is teaming up with WIAPDX to dive into the world of Explorers in Aerospace. Learn about some amazing figures like Vancouver native Michael Barratt, a former NASA astronaut and aerospace physician currently aboard the Space Station as part of a SpaceX team. Plus, we’ll shine a spotlight on Jackie Cochran and the pioneering WASP program.

EPIC Coaches Workshop

July 11, 2024

Join us to learn more about the Electric Propulsion Innovation Challenge (EPIC)!

These full-day workshops provide an opportunity for adults interested in coaching EPIC teams to learn more about the project and design, build and fly their own airplanes. For certified teachers, 8 STEM Clock hours are also provided.

Learn more about this year’s game and be the first to get to play it. Plus, get all the information you need to be successful as you teach EPIC to your kids!

See other EPIC workshops here:

Questions? Email

Have an event you want to see Airway Science at? Email with more information.

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