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We’re thrilled to share the journey our students embarked on during their recent field trip to the Boeing Factory in Renton, WA and The Museum of Flight. It was a day filled with insights, inspiring conversations, and unforgettable moments. We want to take you through the highlights of this memorable experience, providing a recap for all those who joined us on this remarkable adventure.

To start the day, our students were warmly welcomed by Suellen C. dos Santos Frank, an engineer and Chair of Boeing Familia, along with Aracely Godinez, the Regional Marketing Director and Boeing Familia ERG Leader. The day’s agenda began with an exclusive tour of the Renton Boeing Factory, where students were divided into two groups. Led by knowledgeable guides and long term employees, they gained a behind-the-scenes view of the intricate process of aircraft assembly. This experience allowed them to witness the collaborative efforts of various teams on the factory floor, while also providing a chance to interact with, sometimes unsuspecting, employees who graciously shared their expertise and experiences as part of the Boeing family.

Following the factory tour, students were welcomed to a lunch session with Jason Clark, the Vice President of Commercial Airplane, Fabrication, and Supply Chain Engineering at Boeing. Jason’s talk took students through his remarkable, and somewhat unexpected, 30-year journey with Boeing, which began in his small hometown of Hobart, WA. He discussed the qualities Boeing values in its employees—self-starters, team players, and continuous learners. Jason emphasized Boeing’s commitment to creating a supportive work environment that encourages personal growth and lifelong careers. He shed light on some of the educational opportunities provided, including tuition support for higher education, which he had taken advantage of for three of his four degrees during his time at Boeing. Jason’s session covered the evolving culture at Boeing, highlighting the importance of diversity and multiple perspectives within the company. He encouraged students to evaluate if a company’s culture aligns with their values and aspirations, urging them to consider whether they see themselves reflected in a company’s leadership structure and if not, ask what is being done to change that. Students were able to sit and talk with Jason, ask him questions, both career and every day experience related, and see firsthand some of the opportunities available to them.

Following Jason’s presentation, students had the opportunity to learn more about Boeing Familia, an employee-led resource group at Boeing. This group is driven by their strong connection to Hispanic and Latino/a/x/e cultures, which are integral to Boeing’s business and the aerospace industry. Boeing Familia empowers its members to advance professionally, seek mentorship and leadership opportunities, and celebrate the rich Hispanic and Latin culture. Small breakout groups provided deeper insights into Boeing’s internship experiences and pathways to the company. The day continued with resume writing and interview tips, along with goodie bags and prizes for the students. Suellen encouraged students to reach out as they navigate their career paths, reminding them that they already have a familia waiting for them at Boeing.

The adventure extended to The Museum of Flight, where students enjoyed guided tours by knowledgeable docents. A surprise awaited them—an opportunity to meet NASA Astronaut Nicole Stott, who was able to make time in her schedule for a private chat with our students. Nicole shared her extraordinary journey with NASA and emphasized the importance of STEAM education, especially for women. Among other things, Nicole spent time detailing her experiences on the ISS, her love of art (and the paintings she did while in space!), and how her time in space helped to remind her that we’re all crewmates on Spaceship Earth.

NASA Astronaut Nicole Stott holds a stuffed Kerbal from Kerbal space program. Nicole wears a blue jacket and stands against a darker blue curtain

Thank you to everyone who made this journey possible and to the parents for supporting our students’ aerospace dreams. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures as we continue to grow and inspire the next generation of aviators and enthusiasts.

a group of student pose with Astronaut Nicole Stott on a stage
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